Aernout Overbeeke

  • When I was about twelve I wanted to see the world one day, I had a very clear picture of it. The world was like what you saw in Life. Big, but above all highly diverse.

    That is no longer taken for granted. The flywheel of the big disappearance is turning so incredible quickly. All those places that are all coming to look the same. Where everything of cultural value is trampled on. The tragic road of progress.

    I have to record the old before it is gone. A global, gloomy picture with you grow up, learn to think and you come to shape.

    - - -

    Born May 17, 1951 in the Netherlands. Taught himself History of Art at the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Being expelled from high school made focussing on photography possible. Assisted Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken for one year.

    Started directing film commercials in 1996.Began his career in 1971 as a fashion photographer and continued as a commercial photographer in 1981. His first big campaigns came in 1983. Within two years clients, companies and agencies from all over the world knew where to find him. In 2012 I will start giving Photoworkshops that will take five days on my chateau in France.Begining 2011 my first book "NDOTO Tanzania Deam" was published. ISBN 9 789055 447893