A lucky photographer.


   © Photos and Text: Ana Muller

I always say and I presume: I am the daughter of my father and, to much honor! Many people know about Muller and I like to clarify it. All in all, that has its weight and, logically, the similarity.

I started working with him very soon, barely 13 years old. I didn't like studying, it suited me to learn a trade and to have a little money at the end of the week. I was not a vocational photographer like him; the fondness came to me later, when I saw that I was learning to take photos, I liked it and this allowed me to lead an independent life.

The good photos were taken by my father and I was doing what he did not want: cards, weddings, reproductions, etc ... Little by little, those first assignments, the desire to please my clients and work alongside a great professional showed me my way and so I became a photographer.

Making cards, I learned to portray and make customers look handsome; At the conventions or congresses I went to work, I would look at the details; I liked architecture more and more, so photogenic ... The commissions, in general, stimulated my interest and so I became a professional.

It has been an enormous privilege to continue my father's path, to have an open studio for so many years, to dedicate myself decades to document the lives and personal events of people who became faithful clients; I have really enjoyed making portraits of children, families, making weddings as if it were a very personal journalistic report, making friends. It was enriching and, in some cases, quite an adventure to be able to record with my camera the construction of unique works of engineering and architecture, as well as touring Spain to photograph beautiful landscapes.

Photography has given me wings, it has allowed me to earn a living and has taught me to value how much I was touched by luck. And I can say that I feel blessed for all this.

Ana Muller

The Foto Muller studio was open to the public in Madrid from 1948 to 2015.