Photos and text: © José Quintanilla

  • Time contemplation

  • Moving along the past, between memory and remembrance, travelling over landscapes covered of emotions and desires.

  • Discovering the remainings of abandoned buildings, hidden over the years past, covered with desolation and indifference traces, imagining the deep secrets locked in their stones.

  • Laying eyes over the reminings of oblivion, contemplating the stubborn nature's action which imposes its cycles in order to recover the infridged spaces, flowering among the rubbish.

  • Claiming alien places, recovering the beauty of what was never made as it is, but created from need and work, fate and modesty.

  • Being aware of the passage of time, unforgiving, and the discontinuation of material things we hang on, in spite of our brief existence.

  • "Time, with no support or gravity center to hold on, just rushes, passes by unstoppable"
    Byung-Chul Han (The Scent of Time)