Ta Yit Ton Nan Ta

Photos and Texts: © Viviana Peretti

  • Ta Yit Ton Nan Ta is the result of the creative collaboration between Chilean dancer María Eugenia Vallejo and the Colombian dance company Maldita Danza, formed by Jorge Bernal and Walter Cobos.

    Through the ancient ritual dance of Kandyan, a Sri Lankan millennial discipline, Ta Yit Ton Nan Ta interprets the cycle of existence at a micro and macrocosmic level. The execution of this assembly seeks to interpret creation as a cyclical movement that starts from the subtlety of a simple vibration growing both in complexity and perfection.

    From a steady vocal intonation, other parallel vibrations arise that weave melodies that show the movement. The rhythm is reflected in the material that in turn generates the movement in the dance, to eventually compose an elaborate and perfect creation that combines all these elements.

    The series was shot with an iPhone in June 2013 in Bogota.