Retreat 2.0

   Photos and Texts: © Nicolas Landemard

  •      Europe is now facing the largest migration movement on its soil since the WW2. Thousands of refugees are crossing lands, seas, mountains and borders to find a shelter and finaly peace here. It seems that nowadays, it’s not so obvious for all of us that we have to open the doors for those families, those who had to leave everything beyond.
         And indeed, you have those for whom this situation is unbearable, not for the humanitarian aspect.
        Then, let’s remember our own History. Not so long ago, a lot of spanish people had to flee their home and cross the pyreneans mountains and take shelter in France. It was called the Retirada. They tought they could have some support from the french government, instead they were parked in camps on the beachs of Argeles and Saint Cyprien.
         Meanwhile, all their belongings in Spain were spoliated.

    This serie is one of a kind where the History meets the intimate story. The story of a house and inhabitants forced to escape Franquism, leaving there home and finally coming back years after. Getting back home is it therefore not so easy. How much sacrifices, how much tears and pain. How is it possible to regain you own life and avoid why you had to escape from.
         Now, some of the Europe’s XXIst century will go back to their homes as soon as possible, others won’t and will settle and start a new life wherever they will be. Unfortunatly, as for the Spanish people, they will also live with their phantoms, and scares.