Photos and text: © Guillermo Labarca

  • Ghosts are like dreams; they appear without notice, without our invocation, when they choose. They both feed on the same substances, our memories, which as we know are always, to a degree, a falsification of what happened; they also feed on our fears, desires, the promises we made or those that were made to us, on the dark and inexplicable, on what we understand only in part and should know.

    To photograph ghosts, even when they are our own, is as difficult as photographing dreams, it consists of photographing the intangible. It occurred to me that I could photograph analogies, that is to say other objects with similar characteristics or objects to which I could assign the same characteristics. This led me to look for old photographs of me and others, to take photos especially for this work and alter them as much as necessary so the desired attributes would appear more distinctly. I admit that when I add a text – sometimes a cryptic one – I aim to fence in the topic of the image even more.

    I don´t know if this is just a solipsistic exercise or if it has value for the observer… that is for you to judge.