The end of the family

Photos and text: © Nicolas Landemard

  • We believe we’re strong, we believe we can rule over the planet, we believe nothing can stop us. But is it so sure? Are we so strong? So invicible?

    Of course we are among the best predators on earth but we are also one the weakest living existence on this planet. We, Humans, are perfectible of course. But this one thing that make us different from any other species is this consciousness of what we are. And the worth, with this consciousness comes this unbreakable certainty: fear of death.

    We fear our death, we fear loosing those we love. The loss means the absence, the empty space difficult to refill or to replace.

    I started this project like I was running against the clock. The death of my grandmother, opened my self Pandora ‘s box. To many questions without answer, just the fact that this place will never be mine again, it will disappear, all my painful past with it. It was time to move on. I was not prepared, maybe I’m still not. From now, I will have to be the adult, the responsible person, the one you have to count on. I would have to say:”again”.

    That’s why we are so fragile, I know now I’m mortal.