Henri Senders

  • In 2006, I took up photography out of the blue, without any training and therefore not feeling limited by technical aspects. Just by doing it, I found and created my own style. A style achieved by using nothing but natural light. My photographs are described as sensual and erotic, using an alienating and sometimes even raw style. Of course this tells something of my own soul and about the way I look to the world and people, but that’s not where my photography is about.

    My photography is about meeting beautiful people, who often do not fit in or seem strange. It is about creating an atmosphere in which people can flourish and explore, with me trying to capture something of their beauty, soul and quest. I’m never looking for perfect bodies or faces. It’s the look in someone’s eyes that intrigues me. This way I worked with lots of beautiful people from different countries.

    All photos are results of improvisation and intuition. I choose a model and a location, depending on the weather, mood of the day, model-interaction and the settings, then the image is born. The editing afterwards is stripped to a bare minimum and only used to emphasize the atmosphere.

    My work was part of the Florence Biennale 2011, Open Art Fair Utrecht 2013, the Biennale of Chianciano 2013, Festival Photoville ‘Keep on dreaming’ 2013 and was published in Volume II of the International Contemporary Artists 2011.