© Photos and Texts: Tino Soriano

CurArte is a formal recognition of the professionals that take care of the health of others. Pandemics have proven how much research and healthcare is necessary for everybody and, above other priorities, there is no doubt that the dedication and heroism of healthcare workers have multiplied into exhaustion. High risk working conditions, unending working hours, different strategies almost every day and working with a smile on their faces toconvey empathy and tranquility to patients. Documenting this effort is the least we can do.

For four decades, since I documented the living conditions of interns in a psychiatric hospital, and until my last images in a retirement home struck by coronavirus, my passion has been to testify the effort of the professionals that step in, take charge and carry on working for others when they are most needed. Healthcare workers who go whenever they are needed to palliate the consequences of catastrophes, experts who work in hospitals or medical centers to provide adequate assistance, guardian angels that watch over us, because healing is an art that is as vocational as any other art form.

Furthermore, CurArte has a unique visual legacy: exploring the sphere reserved to professionals and patients with a camera, the photographs in the intimacy of healing. It is a unique book with images that reveal stories of love, generosity, heroism and improvisation. From the most advanced technological breakthroughs to surgical procedures while lightning an operating room with a simple cell phone. I applaud forty years of Spanish healthcare, one of the most commended models in the world, which I have persistently registered throughout my long professional career.