Photos: © Viviana Peretti

   Text: © Ana Cristina Ayala

  • Macondiando.

    Viviana Peretti employs it as a verb to name a photographic series born from walking through Colombia. Captured by means of a cell phone and a hook. With a sharp gaze that traps Macondo's fragments scattered on Gabriel Garcia Marquez land.


    When I think about Colombia I think about absurds – says the italian photograph – in an organized chaos. A country in the brink of a collapse that never occurs.”


    Square photos. Her work with the cell phone is a personal diary about her wandering through Rome, New York, Marseilles, Paris and many other cities. “Bur when I am in Colombia I switch to Macondo mode” A mode known to the world as magic realism. A name whose poetic sound hides surreptitious violence, absurds and tragicomics related insistently by Gabriel.


    Impunity. “Often I think Colombia as a place lawless, where what is fair obviously does not happens” she says “therefore I think that Gabo's work could not have been made in any other place”


    Gabriel was able to find the coordinates of that Colombia that obsess the photograph. Macondo. That it is less than a place absorbed by the senses. When Gabriel named the imaginary town he designed the cartography of a nation, defined better by its character than by geographic boundaries.


    Peretti lived more than nine years in Colombia. Today she resides in New York but goes back again and again to Gabriel's land in order to advance her personal projects. Colombia makes me feel a contradiction love -hate that more than hate is anger” says. This is perhaps the simple way to define Macondo: feelings.


    She selects her photos with poetic clamps. Places in this series are Puerto Nariño (Amazonas), Bogota, Medellín, Páramo de Sumapaz, Florencia (Caquetá), Villa de Leyva. She collected images of houses and façades. Paintings, murals and grafitis as well. Burial mounds. Rivers and landscapes. Rains and stormy winds. Traces, vestiges, corners contrasts and colors. Charms. Because “macondiar” is to walk catching a given aesthetic, the one that invites to contemplate the contradiction.