My house, my tree

Photos and text: © José Quintanilla

  • I have always been attracted by those small houses, accompanied by a tree and scattered across the rural landscape of La Mancha, Spain. Former shelter of farmers and animals, they synthesize somehow the relationship between man and nature, like a metaphor of our origin.

    This project shows a series of photographs that explore the dialogue between houses and trees, construction elements and plants, the fight of humanity against nature, and its integration into the surrounding landscape. Pictures of the countryside and the beauty of simplicity.

    For this project, I have been aging cotton papers of high quality, using traditional natural dyes and oxides, which, after drying, are printed using Giclée pigmented inks.

    The codes at the bottom of each image represent the coordinates of the actual location of each shot.

    This project have been awarded with the first price in the XXX Photographic contest Joaquin Gil Marraco 2013, organized by Zaragosa's municipality.