Wenke Seemann

  • Wenke Seemann is a Berlin based photographer, performance artist and sociologist. She usually works on long-term projects, most of them image-text combinations. She focuses her work on portrait series to explore her role as the photographer as well as the role of the portrayed persons in the act of photography: For "And the moon is a blind eye" she captured people asleep in their private bedrooms, where they are aware neither of themselves nor that they are being observed by the camera. She installed her camera in some centimeter distance in front of the faces of prisoners, who were not willing to divulge anything (Road to Damascus). Currently she asks female activists to position themselves in front of a mirror and use a self release to take the mirror image, after the photographer has composed the image around an as yet empty mirror and left the room (Eigensinn). Each project, thereby, develops its own narrative, often by added text fragments based on interviews. Her work has been on view in several exhibitions in Berlin and beyond. Wenke Seemann’s past and current works can be found here: www.seemannsbilder.de