Nanã Sousa Dias

  • Was born in 1957, at Torres Vedras, 50km from Lisbon, Portugal. Photographer, musician, composer and record producer.

    He started to photograph when he was a teenager. When he became a professional musician, in 1980, he gave up photography for many years, until 1997, when he decided to buy himself a second hand Hasselblad. Since then, he studied and practiced everything he could achieve, in books, internet, magazines, exhibitions, museums, etc.

    Nowadays, he is dedicated to landscape, studio portrait/nude and urban photography in black and white, mainly with large and medium format cameras.

    Following the Zone System, he prints all his photographs in traditional darkroom and is an admirer of Ansel Adams work, as well as other Fine Art photographers.

    In 2005, the american Fine Art,  B&W Magazine, one of the best photography magazines in the world, published an article with his work, classifying him as one of the best contemporary landscape photographers.

    In 2006, he was invited to publish his work  in a book dedicated to Peace, between photos of several other photographers, as long as texts written by Al Gore, Dalai Lama, Pope Benedith XVI, Nelson Mandela, Bono Vox, Kofi Annan, Umberto Eco, amongst others.

    His work was published on 6 technical books of an English book company, AVA, wich are distributed all over the world, as well as in several photography magazines in Portugal, Russia, UK, Brasil, USA, etc.

    Nanã Sousa Dias teaches workshops in Portugal and Brasil and has done several exhibitions in Portugal and Brasil.