María Antonia Garcia de la Vega

  • Degree in Geography and History (Anthropology) and Doctor of Law from the Complutense University of Madrid.

    I started my photographic career in 2003 in a self-taught way and I attend various workshops and courses in digital and analog photography to complete my training.

    My fondness for nature and portraiture mean that these are, up to now, the aspects that I have developed the most in photography.

    The landscape constitutes an essential element in my photographs and the artistic and ethnographic elements found in it. In general, I am interested in the footprint of man in nature.

    I have worked on a landscape trilogy called "Memorandum natura" that gave rise to the publication of a first book in 2015 dedicated to forests.

    Since 2016 I have developed a series of studio portraits that I call "Uchronic", inspired, to a large extent, by the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, in a search for the limits between portraiture and fiction, between reality and representation, and that has culminated in the publication of a book called "Ucrónicos", which has been recently presented.

    I am a member and General Secretary of the Royal Photographic Society of Madrid until 2014, forming part of the Board of Directors as Librarian Memberfrom 2015 to 2020.

    Since 2009 there have been numerous exhibitions throughout the country, highlighting those of the Royal Photographic Society, Caminos de Hierro, Palacio del Infantado-Guadalajara, Zarautz Photomuseum, Railowsky bookstore in Valencia, Sala Amárica in Vitoria-Gasteiz , Palacio de Caja Cantabria in Santillana del Mar, Museo de León, Sala Anabel Segura in Alcobendas (Madrid), Est-Art Space (Madrid) or outside our borders, the Place-M gallery in Tokyo. Bair Al-Zubair Museum. Muscat (Oman). As well as its participation in the Entrefotos Fair from 2012 to the present.