Cristian Kirby

  • Cristian kirby (1970) lives in Santiago de Chile. His photographic projects procedures include the use of photosensitive and non-traditional use of supports. Considering how fundamental work ontological particularities of the medium, as is the indexicality of the referent and its impacts, aesthetic, formal, conceptual and experimental, which sees its strategy faced in visual recognition of reality. Identifies photographic practice developed by recording the visual arts in the sense of presenting a visual related to a discourse practice that diffuse away from the photographer scope of the term and its uses "art" based on the classification of genres.

    His proposals are part of a photographic tradition linked to processes and photo-chemical analogue and where is its visual references, ranging from documentary photography to proposals developed during the time of the avant-garde during the post modernity and, at that the photographic medium functions as a device that is recognized in each of these strategies directed toward extending the photographic language.

    In recent times he has discussed systematically in Chile. Some of them include: "The n200 ¿Who emerges, who heals?" "Sorry we dropped the system" in Area G. Laboratorio de Arte, Valparaiso, "Correspondences" at the Cultural Center Matucana 100, "With No Name" in Balmaceda Arte Joven. Call XXI Century, "Displacement / Space" in the Sala de Carga, "Whereabouts Transantiago" and "Aspects of the Urban" at the Museo Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna; International Photography Festival FIFV 2011. During 2012 and 2013 he participates in the exhibition "Speaking frankly " in Spain.