Carlos Chávez

  • "Me, a photographer? No. I cannot describe the delight that comes over me when I hide inside the viewfinder and explore tha world through that magic Cyclops that is my camera, a misture of accomplice and reguge. You will see that I don't understand the thousand and one secrets of technique, and I doubt that I will some day, but I console myself prioritizing interpretation and the emotional impact of an image, over academic purity. And my instinct tells me that I must capture and translate into printed light the human sense of what I see through the lens. Y fail most of the times, and the few times in which I get it right, I never cease to be amazed at the possibilities of this mean of expression. However I must tread carefully, as the implacable analogy of Dorian Gray: sometimes the camera gives me something that frightens me, sometimes it makes me sad, and others plesure lifts me from the ground."