'In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within
me there lay an invincible summer.' (Albert Camus)

Photos and text: © Elke Vogelsang

  • Once abandoned and sentenced to death, then rescued and adopted, now life-savers themselves and beloved family members . . . my photography is a declaration of love and gratitude to three Spanish rescue dogs who joined our family, saved their owner’s life and changed our whole lives for the better.

    My obsession with photography started when my husband Carsten fell seriously ill. On Christmas Day 2009 the dogs suddenly started barking, whining and howling. We found Carsten unconscious in the bathtub. The diagnosis was a severe brain hemorrhage due to a ruptured aneurysm. He spent weeks in an induced coma and months without short-term memory. So, during those weeks of uncertainty, in order to try to retain normality as far as possible and to have a creative outlet to cope with the nerve-wracking pressure, I decided to proceed with ‘a picture a day’ project. This meant producing something like a photographic diary for my husband while he was in a coma and in hospital by taking at least one picture a day. My dogs were my favorite models. I brought the pictures to the hospital and tried to trigger my husband’s memory. My husband recovered fully, but my photography obsession stuck. I now live my dream by working as a full-time photographer specializing in dog photography. So, the saying might be true after all: Every cloud got it’s silver lining.