The freshness of the incorrect canon

   © Eduardo Ruigómez

We feel like lying on the ground of a quiet field, all surrounded by nature’s calmness, where the fresh greenery invites to inspiration. This is the ideal scenery to leaves ties behind and toss our desires to the air, fantasy bustling like the serins. By now, we’re already relaxed, we are moving in a calm atmosphere, saying bye to prejudices, giving room to the disordered noise in our minds. The early birth of an idea is moving forward within the jungle of brain cells, a neonate who springs with some unexpected energy. As free as the idyllic scenery around, and with the strength of our emotion, we dare expelling out all our creative storm, which travels full of promises of a world of unseen genius. Yes, everything is fresh and new, the idea can become true, today is a great day. The incorrect canon develops the new ideas we get as a result of training our imagination.

The trip is over. It’s getting dark and we return home, we return to our daily routines. We go from a wild scenary into an endless loop of habits. These two places, the countryside and the monotony, work like a train crash: the innovative pushes forward and the gate keeper pushes the brake. This is the perfect combination for grief, nobody wins, nobody loses, decadence wins, the way tends to repeat and repeat pointlessly and endlessly.

Something similar happens to photography. In order to invigorate the development of this field, it is necessary to understand that the creator’s end is changing reality, and not imitating it. That is their contribution to art. As far as they work on innovation, they will get it right. Actual free exploration leads to the discovery of new territories, unexpected surprising and enthusiastic proposals.

Ernst Jünger described photography as the artificial eye, meaning that it is some insensitive organ that captures pure reality in a completely indifferent way. However, that artificial eye doesn’t mean anything at all by itself, nothing other than a tool which is ready to follow the directions that our brain had processed within a context which was full of multiple emotions that hit us somehow.

As photographers, we are responsible for pushing in favor of this transforming canon that will feed new initiatives that will help launch original new ideas and make them true in real projects. As readers, we’ll be the recipients of brand new experiences that will enrich our humanistic sensitivity. As photographers and readers, we have an unlimited chance to research and imagine, this is the main gate to strengthen creation.