Noir – a feeling, mood, a sur-reallity. The big blanket of night softens the ugliness of the big city.. Consider the one called Los Angeles. Natural beauty ruined by three generations of cheap stucco housing and vast urban sprawl.

New York – older, better to look at, but far too intense during the day.

When night falls, the rat race slows to a crawl. Even the street people are hidden away, curled up in the doorways and the unlit alleyways they call home.

Most everyone is home. Look up into the windows and see the light of the flickering TV’s. They think this will make them feel safe, but their dreams are always disturbed by the news and crime shows they watch before they sleep. They fear the night, but as we night crawlers know, that is when life in the city is most free. With the roads and streets clear of people, we enjoy the ease of getting around in a smooth and steady motion. We breathe easier with the aroma of night blooming Jasmine filling the air.

The mystery writers get it and develop their stories around it. And the music — can you hear it? Miles, Monk, and now, John Beasley. They say a picture tells a thousand words, 'Round Midnight says it all.

We are the creators of the dreams. Although we come from different backgrounds, we share the same oneness with the night. A love for the city and the urban landscape. We share our observations with each other and those who want to look, read, and listen.

Experience the city at night through us, without leaving the safety of your seat.
Urban Noir NY/LA
Photos and Text: ©Helen K. Garber