Photos and text: © Marc Mercier

  • ► I think the most simple way to describe the base process of the series "Spirit", here presented, and which is also present in all my photographic executions, is to show everyone our surrounding world through my viewpoint…..

    Anyway, in "Spirit", I make Junichirô Tanizaki’s (1886-1965) words mine:

    ‘"I think that beaty is not a a matter itself, but just a shadows drawing, a chiaroscuro game created by adding different matters.

    In the same way a glowing stone in the dark casts light and when exposed to daylight, it loses its stunning precious jewel feature, beauty dies when shadowing effects are removed."

    More than words, it is light, and only light the real "last word" of "Spirit".

    «"Spirit", more any other of my works, is the searching of light at its greatest purity and simplicity: an unreal light that rubs a water and soil world in order to draft a sketch that makes one – wrongly - think that it’s been drawn in ink….

    A seek that has been lingering for more than four years before getting that balance between light and matter….

    …. with the purpose of tending into the essence of landscaping representation: representing “the Spirit” of all around us, due to the choice of a glance and not to the use of multiple tricks and artificiality.

    In this world where everything moves faster and faster, in societies where nobody takes
    their time to look, man loses their humanity when they forget to stop and look
    light around them and the beauty of the most insignificant things….
    even when those things are just a simple wisp of grass in the water.