Natural Forces

Poem: © Vicente Huidobro

  • One glance

    to shoot down the albatross

  • Two glances

    to hold back the landscape

    at the riverĀ“s edge

  • Three glances

    to turn the girl

    into a kite

  • Four glances

    to hold down the train

    that falls into the abyss

  • Five glances

    to relight the stars

    blown out by the hurricane

  • Six glances

    to prevent the birth

    of the aquatic child

  • Seven glances

    to prolong the life

    of the bride

  • Eight glances

    to turn the sea

    into sky

  • Nine glances

    to make the trees of the wood


  • Ten glances

    to see the beauty that shows up

    between a dream and a catastrophe